The real showstoppers, however, are the gemstone embellishments. Adorned with SAND STONE, TIGER EYE, and ONIX gemstones, this bag exudes a mesmerizing aura. Each gemstone is carefully selected for its unique beauty and metaphysical properties, making this bag not just a fashion statement but a piece of spiritual significance.

The SAND STONE adds a warm, earthy tone to the bag, symbolizing strength and stability. TIGER EYE, with its chatoyant golden hues, brings courage and confidence to the wearer. ONIX, in sleek black, signifies protection and grounding energy.

Whether you’re attending a formal soirée or a casual gathering, this bag will effortlessly complement your attire, adding a touch of glamour and mystique. With a secure closure and a comfortable strap, it’s as functional as it is captivating. Embrace the allure of gemstones and make a statement with our WHITE Silk Book Bag.

Please Note – This product has been crafted by hand and may have slight irregularities or imperfections in color or embellishment. These irregularities are the result of the human involvement in the process and add to the finished products charm while ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece.
CARE: Dry clean only

Weight 0.61625 g
Dimensions 25 × 14.5 × 8.5 cm


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“Dazzling Elegance: WHIT...